What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
Less shimmery than its well known sister "O", Deep Throat gives the perfect natural peach flush for summer!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kerastase Fusio-Dose

So I've never been much of a hair product girl- I know that's shocking. Actually, let me clarify: I buy tons of hair styling products, tools & the occasional bump it- but nothing works. My hair is fine, though I have a lot of it. But as I'm getting older & I've spotted the occasional *gasp* grey hair, I've been focusing on hair health. I do a hair mask every Sunday night, as my hair is pretty long. I also put protective product in my hair before blow drying or straight ironing it. But there's a new weapon in my arsenal. My hairdresser, the fabulous Erin of Fraiche Studio has been adding these high tech vials by Kerastase called Fusio-Dose to my salon visit. Completely customizable depending on the state of my hair, this go around she choose the Concentre Sunstantif (purple vial) to improve my hair elasticity & the Booster Ceramide (green cap) to strengthen my hair fiber. After shampooing, she applies the formula & combs it through- letting it sit for 5 minutes. She then rinses it & styles it. The result is seriously healthy feeling hair. Yes, the Kerastase line has always overwhelmed me a bit, but when these two pieces attach the perfect cocktail results. Also since I don't speak French, I've now gotten a grasp on the color group breakdown of the line: Pink=Color Protection, Orange=Nourishment for Dry Hair, Green= Strengthening & Purple=Density/Thickening. I must say, Kerastase is like skincare for hair!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Files From the Brow Whisperer

Have you ever been driving along in the car, take a glimpse in the rear view mirror & think, "Holy @#*! I have to get my _____ done!" More often than not, what fills in that blank has something to do with hair- whether it's your brows, roots or a whisker or two. Yes, it's that time of year my friends ~ time for a little Spring Cleaning!
I don't know about you all- but these first few months of 2012 have been quite hectic for me, as well as my clients. I have some regulars who are meticulous about scheduling their appointments, then I have the regulars who call in a panic after a traumatizing rear view mirror situation. If it's been a while since you've had your brows professionally shaped, besides doing spring cleaning at your home- clean up your brows! What a difference 15 minutes of grooming can make when it comes to your face!

Peace. Love. Brow Whisperer. M

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday

So my sparkly shoe search started with a pair of Jimmy Choo flats I was obsessed with! Alas they weren't meant to be as when I tried to treat myself to them for my birthday, they gave me a Cinderella's step sister complex. I couldn't even squeeze into the 41! However those shoes made both myself & Breezy Style (our spa manager) obsessed with getting some sparkle in our lives. She, being a bargain shopper found these Maria Sharapova for Cole Hann flats on sale for @ $90. I loved them so much they had to be mine, but of course they were sold out at Nordstrom where she found them. I am not a quitter, however. I tracked them down in Iowa, but paid full price for them at $178. Worth it in my eyes. Plus, I justified that I technically still saved over $300 not getting the Jimmy Choos!
So imagine my surprise & delight when good old LC { oh how I miss The Hills} or rather Ms. Lauren Conrad had these beauties in her Kohls Collection! Though not as comfy as the Air Haans for sure, they're still super cute- plus I got them on sale for $34.99! Now I have both gold & silver bases covered style wise- they look soooo cute with skinny jeans!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TopShop Cosmetics

While I was in Chicago this past weekend, I wanted to explore TopShop- for cosmetics, of course! I have to say the packaging of the line, for what it was pricepoint wise- felt a little juvenile to me. Never the less- because I'm such a giver & I want to report back to you guys, I scooped up some lip products to add to my ever expanding nude glossy lip wardrobe.
TopShop Lip Liner in Ceramic (top), TopShop LipStick in Enamored (middle), TopShop Glaze in Dash (bottom.) I could only find the price for the Lip Stick $15 online, as I couldn't find my receipt- hey it was St. Patty's weekend! I think my total for all 3 products was at least $38. I also wonder if the Kardashians are annoyed with that name of the Glaze, but I digress...
While I must say nothing in particular stood out to me in terms of fabulousness formula wise- the color combination I put together is pretty stellar- so I must give myself props! The standout product of the trio is the chubby lip pencil they call LipStick. It's is a nude shade that feels nice and has a concealer like effect in taking some of the color out of the lip to build the nude, but doesn't completely wash you out in that I look like a corpse kind of way. The gloss adds a opaque, creamy shine that pulls everything together quite nicely. The combination looked beautiful on my friend who has light hair & blue eyes- so I think it can be a winning look on anyone with medium to fair skin.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Memoire Liquide

I don't know about you, but even with loving my job as much as I do, often I daydream.....About being an interior decorator... Of one day giving up waxing for the love of opening a cupcakery bakery. One that I've always dreamed of doing, is also being a perfumer. Since a very young age, I've had the nose of a bloodhound. I've said it before, I could be used to help solve crimes! I associate memories vividly with scent. So imagine my surprise & joy when our Diva of Dermatology mentioned that they had opened a little Memoire Liquide Perfumery studio in my beloved Henri Bendel!
So I decided to give myself an early birthday treat when I was up in NYC for business. A Memoire Liquide Scent Specialist, in my case the divine Vijay, helped me customize a signature fragrance from a selection of at least over 75 different notes.
Your individual fragrance can also be added to lotions & bubble baths- isn't the packaging swoon worthy?!Of course I can't give away all of the secrets to my custom scent, but here are two notes that were included in the winning formula: Yuzu Fruit & Aquarelle- a marine scent which added a beachy vibe to the fragrance. Don't we all need a little more of a vacation feeling in our lives?
Here is the scentsational (yes, I know that was lame) Vijay whipping up my custom blend. The custom blend session can be as quick as 15 minutes if you are a decisive gal or up to an hour if you have a hard time committing to particular notes!
I must admit I used to associate perfume oils with hippies, but the ones that I've tried since broadening my horizons, including this one have left me pleasantly surprised at their staying power. This was a truly unique experience- wouldn't this be an amazing thing to do with bridesmaids or sisters as a gift? I was also pleasantly surprised at the reasonable pricepoint for the half ounce coming in at $65. I definitely suggest you create a liquid memory of your own.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take a Peek Inside My Beauty Bag

So tonight at the spa, Dr Noelle Sherber, Dr. Ariel Rad & yours truly will be talking in depth about what celebrities really do to stay looking so young & fabulous. While I will be explaining chemical peels, dishing make-up tips & tricks, as well as giving brow guidance -even I am excited to hear the break downs in terms of laser, injectables & other procedures Hollywood's elite turn to! As promised after showing you Dr. Sherber's make-up bag last week, here's a glimpse into mine(though it varies color wise.) I found it very interesting to see how different the contents are due to our skin types being at total opposite ends of the spectrum. Having oily skin that's prone to break outs, I try to touch my face the least amount possible throughout the day. That's why the majority of my products are lip related & hence the name of this blog!

From Bottom:
Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Naked Plum:
An impulse buy while strolling through Saks, this isn't so much plum- rather a pretty shimmery pink. The color of my lips, but better & with more sparkle.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lip Gloss 002:
No longer available(don't beat me) this gloss adds almost a soft veil of pixie dust to the lips- gorgeous alone or for adding extra dimension.

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N 01:
Though Paul & Joe Eye Glosses currently only come in duo options, they are my favorite pick- me- up to place a little candlelight on my lid. I always reach for it when freshening up to go out to dinner straight from work.

Make-Up For Ever Aqua Lip 2C:
A great neutral color that I fill my entire lip with in the AM. It packs some serious staying power.

Cle De Peau Beaute Touche de Rouge 129:
Though the price tag of this line is hard to swallow, this balm like lip product gives a sheer wash of color that feels like butter on the lips!

Mally Liquid Lip Color in Mally's Look:
This color is the perfect semi opaque nude to go with an intense smokey eye. Normally that takes several different products to create- Mally nails it with just one!

Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Island Dream:
Soft & iridescent this shade is perfectly named. A little birdie told me it's soon to be discontinued- so scoop it up now if you're intrigued!

Lorac Couture Shine in Elite:
A surprise hit that came in a kit, this shade is a pinky nude that's semi opaque & full of high shine. Another great pairing for a strong eye.

Joey New York AntiOxidant Super E Lip Pencil:
Another tease, as this pencil is discontinued. This product was a best seller before the line went under. I bought as many as I could get my hands on, since it is the perfect nude lip pencil ever:(

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss 19:
A die hard fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & anything Bravo TV related, I had to have the same divinely smelling peach gloss Adrienne Maloof plumps her pucker with.

Guerlain Natural Shine 661:
I scooped this up after a spa day at The Breakers. This sheer pink tint is gorgeous on its own or as a building block.

Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre:
Another intense shimmering product that I use to add omphh to my eyes with a simple patting of my finger.

Paul & Joe Botting Papers:
I am never without my blotting papers! Gently pressed against my T zone, they are perfect for removing excess shine, while keeping my make-up intact.

Wow- no wonder my purse is so heavy! Full disclosure, I'm also never without a tube of Aquaphor. A lot of these products I've done posts about in the past- so try the search box for more info on a particular one.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Monday, March 12, 2012

Must Have Make-Up Monday: Tarte's Miracle of Maracuja

Is it wrong that whenever I hear the word 'miracle' in reference to a make-up or skincare product, my ears perk up? Let's face it, we all could use more miracles in our lives- especially in the morning when getting ready! Behold the new buzz worthy ingredient & Tarte's new Golden Child, Maracuja Oil. In my head I'm hearing a snarky teen voice announcing, '"Argan Oil is so last year."
Maracuja Oil (a bottle of the multi-purpose pure oil is included in the kit) comes from the Maracuja fruit. The oil is high in Vitamin C & EFAs and perfect for radiant skin. The Miracle of Maracuja Kit, which launches on QVC exclusively March 16th, makes me giddy. Why? Because, well everything is so pretty. I can often take joy in just the packaging of make-up. I knew I was keeping this collection, whether or not I even used the products- just because it's that lovely. It's also a great value with 8 full size pieces coming in at $59.96.
Though the shades look rather intense in the Evoke the Smoke compact, they're very wearable.
I did a sheer wash of the soft pink shade all over, then used the silver in the crease. The purple shadow in the quad was gorgeous swiped on as an eyeliner- used dry it still delivered a pop of pigment. Also included are Tarte's new Cashmere Waterproof Gliding Liner in Black Magic & Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara to complete your peepers.
The Airblush Maracuja Bouncy Blush in Amused looked a little intimidating when I first opened the compact, but when used with the Airbrush Finish Bamboo Blush Brush gives the perfect flush. I always steers clients to dual fiber brushes like this for bronzer & blush, because it is goof proof. It prevents picking up too much color & looking like a clown. Rather you can build the shade to your liking & oh did I mention it feels like heaven on your skin?
The Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Peaceful is the perfect soft, sheer color to balance out the eye shades. Things to know? This kit has shades that are cool toned, if you gravitate towards warm shades- this compilation isn't for you. Also though the concealer is for all skin types, I would say it's probably more for normal to dry skin types. I say get a kit for yourself, as well as one for your mom for Mother's Day. These flowers beat a bouquet any day!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

*Can't wait? Pre-order like I did: item #A225240 or item#A220216 on March 16th

Friday, March 9, 2012

What's In Her Make-Up Bag with Dr. Noelle Sherber

So next week at La Papillon, myself along with our Diva of Dermatology, Dr. Noelle Sherber & Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ariel Rad will be discussing Celebrity Skin Secrets. Because ladies, do not believe that they stay looking that fabulous only by drinking green tea & doing yoga! Celebrities have access to all of the latest cutting edge technologies & we're going to be talking about them on the 14th from 5:30-7:30. Since I will be talking about skincare, as well as make-up tips & tricks I of course dove into Dr. Sherber's travel make-up bag at our last Injectable Event to see what she had up her sleeve. Want a peek, too? Below are her thoughts on her go to products. Next week I'll let you peek inside my bag- it's so interesting to see her picks for her dry skin versus mine for my oily skin!

Tucked in a classic black Prada bag are the following:

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous: I don't wear foundation, and try to avoid powders since my skin is dry and I like the look of dewy skin. This product is like Photoshop in a tube, taking down excess shine in spots and minimizing pores where you need it without making skin look dull.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Lilac: This soft pink color gives a fresh flush and the texture is very dewy without being overly oily thanks to the petrolatum in the formula. The color is so sheer that it never looks painted on, and it can be swiped on lips in a pinch.

Idalmi St. Barth Lip Gel in Starlit: Idalmi was the makeup artist for my wedding in St. Barths, and she gave me this gloss from her make-up line to wear on the big day. It's the best non-sticky sheer shimmery pink, is enriched with antioxidant vitamins, and I have such a sentimental attachment to it now.

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara in Black: This gives lush lashes without making them spidery. It doesn't flake or smudge much, which is important for me since I neither want to give up eye cream when I wear mascara nor look like a panda.

Yves Saint Laurent L'Eyeliner Noir: This has been my absolute favorite liquid liner for years. It's a great true glossy black and it stays put, but it's easy to clean up mistakes with a damp Q-tip if need be.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light: Bobbi Brown's bronzer
colors are the most skin tone correct that I've found. This is a very sheer silky wash of color that warms up the skin without lookingorange, and, like a natural tan, doesn't have any shimmer.

Chanel Ombre Essentielle in Beige Lamé: I saw great reviews of this limited edition shade on Twitter, and was lucky to snap one up before they were gone. It's a warm light brown that manages to take sparkle and make it look polished and not disco-y.

La Prarie Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening EyeTreatment in 02: During a long tiring day I like to freshen up under my eyes, and I love that this sheer light reflective concealer has La Prarie's cult status Cellular Radiance Eye Cream built in for added skin care benefits.

Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch in 2: This is the most natural looking concealer that I've found for spot concealing on the face and blending seamlessly into bare skin if you aren't a foundation person. It's imperceptible on HD film, too, so it's perfect for TV or photos.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque: I'm thin skinned under my eyes, and a dab of this helps to neutralize the blue hue. The creamy texture is moisturizing enough that it never gets cakey.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Romance: I like very balmy lip colors, and this line is mega moisturizing. I like how this pop of pink brightens the skin without being too bright itself. The classic Chanel lipstick case is so luxe for public touch-ups, too.

Perfume Oil from Memoire Liquide: My husband and I created custom scents for each other at Henri Bendel in Manhattan before our wedding. Our scents have one note in common, and it was so much fun to mix up a unique blend - I love the end result and mine is all I wear now.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kate Somerville Clinic To Go Pads

It's ironic that when I have so much access to amazing skin care products at the spa, how long it takes me to get around to actually using all of them! I had been recommending Kate Somerville's Clinic-To-Go Pads to several clients as of late for a few reasons. The main one is that I can actually let my pregnant & nursing clients who are having hormonal breakouts use them (rejoice as much of my AHA arsenal to treat acneic skin is off limits during this magical time.) Plus let's be honest- they are a busy *ahem* lazy person's dream.
So as I mentioned I had sent a couple of clients home with these pads & the other week my adorable hairdresser was in for her monthly facial. While looking at her skin under the loop, I observed a noticeable change in her skin. It was less inflamed, clearer & brighter - she went on & on about her adoration for the Clinic-To-Go Pads expressing shock that I hadn't tried them yet! So of course, that night I did. They could not be easier to use. The pad has a pocket to slip your fingers in a la finger puppet style.
Once on your fingers, you remove the tab & apply on clean, dry skin. You leave the solution on for around 2 minutes. Since I'm a rebel & exfoliate often I left it on for about 5 minutes. I then splashed my face with cool water & immediately felt a difference in my skin texture. Definitely impressive, as I mentioned I am the queen of exfoliation!
I double cleanse my skin every night to remove my make-up thoroughly. So while there might be a smidge of foundation on this used Clinic-To-Go Pad, the majority of discoloration is actually dead skin cells. The little line of black is a bit of remaining mascara, where I took the pad right up under my lower lash line, as I tend to get some clogged pores there. The Lactic acid contained in the pad is super gentle, yet very effective- so I could take this acid that close to the eye area. It's also a hydrating acid, which means it helps your skin retain water- which makes it beneficial for all skin types. I've been using these twice a week & I totally agree they're kind of genius.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara

Is it wrong that I love going through people's make-up bags? With consent of course! I also love looking at products in friends' bathrooms, but I promise I really won't do it at your house unless I ask! You never know, hidden in your coworker's purse might be the answer to all of your prayers, when it comes to the perfect product you've been waiting for all your life. Alright, I might be being overly dramatic here, but it could be your next favorite thing! This was the case when I recently dug through our Diva of Dermatology's make-up bag at our last injectable event & discovered Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara.

I tend to be frugal when it comes to mascara since I pitch them after 2 1/2 months. Luckily I buy my Mally Mascara in bulk (yes I buy it in 6 packs.) Even luckier? I actually had a sample of this Lancome Mascara from a recent Lancome Gift with Purchase! Yes, it's true I have no account of my make-up stash- it's that out of control. Skeptical of it being all that, I must say the brush is divine. Mascara is a deeply personal make-up product & for me the brush can play as much a factor in my selection, as the actual formula. The amazing amount of bristles prevents clumping of any kind- hallelujah! The tapering at the end of the brush allows for precise application in the lash corners. The result? Feathery, lovely lashes- not at all creepy(which is what comes to mind when I think of doll's lashes.) Minimal smudging or flaking- two thumbs up my friends!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M