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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Natural Beauties

Gorgeous gowns, stunning jewels & flawless make-up - it's officially awards season! Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards I fell in love with all of the nude gowns! Heather Morris brought her A game again in this Romona Keveza & earned my Best Dressed vote of the night!

Hilary Swank looked amazing in this understated camel colored Versace dress. Her make-up & hair were the perfect choices!
Lea Michele looked bombshell worthy in this sleek Oscar De La Renta gown. Her tousled waves complemented her radiant make-up created by artist Melanie Inglessis. The finishing touch to her look? Lancome Color Design Lipcolor in Pale Lip.
Eva Longoria looked like a Grecian Goddess in this plunging Georges Hobeika gown. She looked like perfection in her signature smokey eye & nude lip combination. I also love the confidence that she's been taking lately with her fashion choices & that she's been going stag to the shows! Bravo Girl!
Tell me beauties, who were your picks for best dressed?
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Friday, January 28, 2011

Latest Reads

When I was on vacation I flew through three books. The first my sister gave to me for Christmas & to be honest, I was a little worried it would be like the author's Shopaholic series. The first in that series was cute, but by the third I wanted to smack the lead character. Twenties Girl was a great little read, with a little mystery thrown in. I would recommend it.
I am loving my Kindle lately, I really feel I can read quicker on it. I downloaded one of Chelsea Handler's books since she intrigues me. She's fabulously outspoken & unapologetic. The book left me with my mouth open at times, and now I seriously don't know what to make of her. It was to say the least somewhat shocking, with it at times being hard to believe someone would say or do things like that. Never a dull moment, though.
Yes, I know I run the gamut on subjects! I tend to do fun easy reads, then throw in a little self help, a business management book, a little mystery- then lather, rinse, repeat. I might have set my expectations a little high with this novel, since there is so much hype surrounding this series at the moment. It was fine, but definitely not a book that I couldn't put down. At times, it was also a bit long winded. Have you read any of these beauties? If so, what's your take on them? If not, what's your favorite read as of late? Have a good weekend!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boston Proper Photo Shoot

There's nothing that will send you over the edge quicker on a vacation {where you're enjoying all of the perks of your all inclusive package like unlimited frozen banana mamas} than a photo shoot being shot at your resort.

Yes, stunning models with perfectly tousled beachy hair & bronzed make-up in little bathing suits was just what my ego ordered on my relaxing getaway.

After sucking in my stomach, I started to look forward to seeing behind the scenes everyday. It was great to see all of the facets that need to come together to make a location shoot happen. This shoot was for Boston Proper, a clothing company I've ordered from before many times.
The models, I'm happy to report were actually very friendly & I got to speak with the stylist for a bit who was from Miami. I can't wait for my next Boston Proper catalog to arrive in the mail, so I can look for the photos that were shot on my vacation!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wish I Was Still Here-Dominican Republic

I cannot believe how bleeping cold it is here on the East Coast right now, especially since I was in the Dominican Republic 2 weeks ago. I had a week of pure relaxation in Punta Cana. A girl could seriously get used to this view!

I definitely needed to get away for my own little holiday, after the holidays! So my fabulous friend, N, and I decided to get away from it all & get out of town. Here we are at the resort with our amazing concierge Natalia.

The entire resort had a very open outdoor living space sort of vibe that I adored. We got up every morning and started the SPF application process. {Stay tuned for my review of Anthelios SPF 60} I think I've met my SPF soul mate in my friend by the way, as we both take our anti- aging very seriously! We would get breakfast, lounge at the pool, eat lunch, lounge some more, get a massage, shower & eat dinner. Lather. Rinse. Repeat! I totally vegged out, drank an endless amount of frozen Banana Mamas & loved every second of it.

After a quick storm one night, the sky looked like rainbow sherbert.

My idea of heaven. Being by the water is just plain good for the soul.

This was my view the majority of the week as I parked my SPF laden butt under a thatched umbrella each & every day. I flew through 3 books on my Kindle (note to self, read more this year & I don't mean US Weekly!) As we prepare for yet another winter storm tomorrow, I'll be daydreaming & wishing I was there.
Peace. Love. Punta Cana. M

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Need of the Brow Whisperer

There are some goddesses from the Golden Globes who need my help, it appears. I saw Country Strong over the weekend, and will be honest in that fact that Leighton Meester's brows proved a distraction for me in every scene she was in! I've been noticing that they've been a bit of a hot mess on Gossip Girl lately, but seeing them on the big screen just about sent me over the edge.

{I really liked Country Strong BTW} I'm all for a fuller brow, which she might be trying to achieve by growing them in. However, Leighton's brows are sparse so unless they're properly filled in, they just look untidy. It also doesn't work with her look with her brows, when she usually heavily plays up her eyes...I'm not asking for much- just a tiny, subtle swipe of brow powder! See the difference it can make? And yes, I am fully aware how obsessed I am when it comes to brows- hey it's my passion & livelihood!

Listen, every one can take a bad picture every now & then- I know. I normally find Sofia Vergara drop dead gorgeous! This picture just doesn't do her justice, but her brows made me stop dead in my tracks. It's fine to have soft brows, it looks like Sofia might also have her colorist lighten them as well. However the brow on the left starts lower in, which closes in her eye. I'm not asking for much, just some symmetry & tidying up right under her arch. That would have a overall lifting effect, as well. I really think my talents are needed here, so girleens come see me- I promise I'll squeeze you in!

Peace. Love. Brow Whisperer. M

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Gorgeousness

Looking good is the best revenge- yes? Eva Longoria looked amazing and quite screen siren chic in this classic little black dress showing off all of her curves. Seriously, last night all of America must have thought "what was Tony Parker thinking?"
I don't know many who could pull this look off, but January Jones did. She balanced the daring nature of this Versace dress with hair reminiscent of a starlet from the 1950's.

Jennifer Lopez went for vintage glam & nailed it. Though I probably will like her dress without her sheer capelet, I love how she always try to add something unexpected.

I have to hand it to Claire Daines when it comes to stunning simplicity. She radiates elegance, always goes for streamlined classic gowns- never fussy fashion.
Honorable mentions go to:
Mandy Moore & Heather Morris. As an esthetician, I've always loved Mandy Moore's luminous dewy skin. I feel like she's been hiding out since she married Ryan Adams, so I loved seeing her in a vivid blue dress that complimented her peaches & cream complexion. Honestly ever since I saw the Brittney/Britney episode of Glee, Heather Morris has gone up in my book. What talent. She went for old Hollywood glamour-perfection. On my not so favorites list when it came to dresses? Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway & Natalie Portman. When it came to hair, what were Annette Benning & Scarlett Johansson thinking?!?! So tell me beauties, who were your picks for best & worst dressed?

Peace. Love. Golden Globes. M

All images courtesy of Just Jared

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marvelous Marchesa

Well I'm back from vacation girleeens & I just got this 'Beauty' of an offer in my inbox while digging out from hundreds of emails this morning! How I adore all things Marchesa. With any $150 purchase at Beauty.com you will receive this gorgeous bag filled to the brim with deluxe samples. I know $150 is pretty pricey, but this is the time when I would stock up on current favorites. Most sample bags lately have done little to impress yours truly, but this one has generous sizes. If you love Marchesa like moi, it's a no brainer!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Files from the Brow Whisperer

Phew- is anyone else just catching their breath after the holidays? I am! The holidays are the busiest time of year at the spa & we always want everyone looking their best. Needless to say I was up to my eyeballs in waxing & getting all of our girls gorgeous. I wanted to feature a very conservative brow on this post. Yes I can rock out some seriously sculpted brows. But I listen to each & every client's needs & wishes!

This client is one of my low maintenance girls, meaning she doesn't wear make-up & doesn't use a lot of skincare products. But even she realizes the importance of brows! I groom her brows following her natural shape rather than creating a shape as I do with most. It still really cleans up & lifts the eye area!
Peace. Love. Brow Whisperer. M