What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Files From the Brow Whisperer

You'd be surprised at the amount of people who come to me because they don't have much of a brow. It's not just all about caterpillars;)  This first time client had singed off her brows years ago in a grilling incident(don't laugh it happens more often that you think!) They just never grew back.
I suggested tinting them since they're sparse & a little darker of hair will give what she has more impact.
Here's the brow immediately after tinting & before waxing. I always warn the first day or so brows will look rather dark. Then they will lighter up, it's important to take that in to consideration for the upcoming holidays when scheduling.
And voila! Look how much more brow it looks like she has when they've been groomed & tinted. It's a night & day difference. It helped pull her look together so quickly, which is great since she's a busy mom of 3 little ones who doesn't wear much make-up. See Beauties, brows do make that much of a difference!

Peace. Love. Brow Whisperer.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Manicure Monday: OPI 007

 Can you believe 007 is turning 50? To mark the celebration, OPI launched a collection of 12 holiday limited edition lacquers named after the beloved James Bond films. I scooped up The World Is Not Enough. This polish has so many dimensions it's hard to put into words or capture via photos.  With the first coat it's a soft sheer taupe with multi-colored shimmer.  You could use it as an special effects polish on top of another.
 With the second coat it turns into a bronzey gunmetal color.

 But, wait there's more. Don't forget there's that multicolor shimmer dimension that I can't stop looking at. Don't think 'tacky' when I say that, think more along the lines of a little dance party on your finger tips. This polish is perfect for the holiday season & in my eyes more than 'enough!'

Peace. Love. Polish.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Lately every night before bed I've been picking one favorite thing from my day that's made me smile.  The other day it was as simple as the guy in the car next to me doing some serious air drums & jamming out.
 I reflect on how I was so blessed to be able to travel this fall to the lands of Greece, Turkey & Italy with a group of amazing and inspiring people.
How I'm so privileged to be able to do what I love for a living. I get to make women feel better about themselves- whether it's by transforming their skin, 'whispering' to their brows or letting them be the best version of themselves on their big day. 
How I was so lucky to have had the gentle little soul on the right in my life this year, even though he was taken from me too soon.  The one of the left has been my rock & steady companion for seven years now. Through the hustle & bustle of life I try to enjoy the simple things in life like he does- windows down in the car, sheets fresh out of the dryer, peanut butter...  Gratitude is a powerful thing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent

Nothing says glamour like a little Yves Saint Laurent in your life. I picked up their Rouge Pur Couture during Sephora's VIB Beauty Event. I had wanted to try it for a while as it's in almost every  magazine beauty editor's purse.
I scooped up 19 Beige Aquarelle in my ongoing search to find the perfect nude stain. The glossy lip stain smells as how living life as a royal might. Like fresh roses & pure luxury- it's delicious. Swatched on the hand it looks like my dream color.
However, when on my actual lips, it's very sheer.  I'm afraid to say this shade washed me out in an almost lifeguard wearing old school zinc oxide sort of way. The formula is lovely though, I will definitely be picking up another shade. This is just a product that you should probably select in person versus online.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Style File Saturday

A few months ago I was 'lucky' enough to attend Lucky Magazine's FABB Conference for beauty & fashion bloggers in NYC.  I saw some amazing people speak, including the fabulous Rachel Zoe & the always chic Lauren Conrad.  I have to say I give mad props to LC for building a beauty & fashion empire out of her reality star origins. She's shown she has substance. She looked quite elegant & stylish-  in fact I was really distracted by her shoes while she was being interviewed. She wore a dress from her Paper Crown line & though I thought the shoes were Chanel- they were in fact from her Lauren Conrad for Kohls Collection!
I eagerly stalked the website for the Fall launch & with coupon in hand scooped these Mary Janes up. They were on sale for $39.99 & I got them for an additional 30% off, bringing my grand total to only $27.99- I felt like an extreme couponer!!! Now by no means are these suckers 'comfortable'- there will be no running a mile in them a la Maurice & Paul from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I will add these to my "valet" shoes collection- the shoes that I wear when I'm being dropped off at the door for dinner or valeting my car.  The hidden platform & substantial heel lets me walk with a modicum of grace.  They'll also never go out of style.

Peace. Love. Pumps.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sephora VIB Sale: My Must Haves

 Sephora Favorites - Glitz And Glam Party Sampler
 Today is the last day of the Sephora VIB Sale, Beauties. You know I'm powerless to resist my favorite beauty brands being on sale! What's in my shopping basket? Sephora's Glitz & Glam Party Collection, because I believe a little sparkle makes everyone a little happier. This kit includes Stila's beloved Kitten Eyeshadow, Nars much adored Body Glow & Lorac's Liquid Lustre in a new gold version (you can see my review of the original here) I know there will be some winners.  In fact, most of Sephora's holiday samplers have been winners this season.
 I don't even know who this will be gifted to for the holidays, but Sephora's Blinged Palette offers a great neutral shadow wardrobe at an unbeatable price of $15. It will be $12 with my coupon, so it will also make a great stocking stuffer!
 Illamasqua - Eye Liner Cake
 I use Illamasqua's Cake Liner in Mislead almost every day of my life. I have one on my vanity, one in my professional kit & a spare in my travel bag. To say I adore it would be an understatement. The fact that it says limited edition strikes fear in my heart, so I tend to stock up whenever I can.
 Yves Saint Laurent - ROUGE PUR COUTURE<br>Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain
  YSL's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain has achieved cult status amongst beauty editors around the globe. I'm still trying to find an amazing stain in a nude undertone. It's like trying to find the Holy Grail as most are vibrant berry hues. I'm hoping Beige Aquarelle won't let me down.

Yves Saint Laurent - Holiday Set
Last but definitely not least, this YSL holiday collection is the perfect gift for a discerning gal on my list. Besides being a great value at $65, the colors & products are fool proof. The Touche Eclat retails for $40 alone & the black bag is quite chic! So what's on your must have make-up list?

Peace. Love. Lipgloss.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Files From the Brow Whsiperer

I always joke to my clients that it takes a village to be a female. Seriously- there's so much work involved. Multiply that times 10 when you're a bride! I always suggest brides get waxed the Wednesday before their Saturday nuptials. This ensures any redness goes down & that on the big day make-up can be applied evenly above the brows, since that area has been exfoliated.
My client let her brows really grow in so that I could have a lot to work with. Her brows naturally have a rounded curve that she likes me to streamline. Her tails also tend to be rather sparse, so she's a faithful user of Billion Dollar Brow's Brow Boost. By carefully shaping above the brow in this case, I'm able to give her more of the arch she craves. Her brows were gorgeous & she was a stunning bride.  I was honored to do her bridal make-up + attend the big day!

Peace. Love. Brow Whisperer. M

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Lipgloss Diaries: Anastasia's Kisses On My List Vol. 2

It's the most wonder'ful' time of the year! How holiday lipgloss value sets make me swoon! Anastasia of Beverly Hills doesn't disappoint with her Kisses On My List Volume 2 Collection. This value set contains 6 Hydraful Lipglosses- 3 of those being Hypercolor Lipglosses.
Above & below - shades swatched from left to right: Moi, Maggie May, Sharona, Roxanne, Jolene & Lola.

The unique applicator resembles the oar of a paddle- which makes it easily deliver much more product than your standard sponge or doe foot applicator in one swipe.
There's something about Anastasia's Hypercolor glosses that I've never found with another gloss- how it doubles as a stain. Though the gloss wears off normally, after 5 hours & having soup for lunch- a vibrant pink stain lingered after wearing Lola. It's the best of both worlds! 
As of now it seems the Hypercolor shades tend to fall in the pink family, as these are 3 shades to the right that were swatched above. Though they look faint here, they pack a punch on the lips. I have my fingers crossed for when they create the perfect nude!  I adore these glosses & can't believe what a steal of a deal this kit is for $30! Break them up & rock out a bunch of stocking stuffers for $5 a pop.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss.