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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sugar Craze

So I'm not fabulous under pressure. Don't get me wrong, I shift into hyper mode and I get things done without ever sacrificing detail. But it is not pretty. The girls at the spa have probably wanted to hurt me this past week. Alright, this past month. The Boutique Warehouse Sale has been a lot of work, I've asked a lot of favors & I wanted it to come together perfectly. It really did. I mingled tonight and got to see so many friends & clients- I was very proud they got to experience this event. Of course, I had many things in hand for my soon to be niece & my rent-a-niece ( or so we've been told...) But la piece de la resistance at the preview party was my darling friend Ashley's new venture, The Decadent Debutante. Her new launch of bon bons are like art. Bursts of color lined her table & I'm ashamed to admit I thought there was no way they could taste as good as they looked. Well little old moi was wrong. They were amazing- women were faint- oohing and ahhing, savoring each morsel. I am not exaggerating...I will have to vacuum out my car in the morning. I could not wait until home to get into my box and my car is covered in a fine array of sprinkles from it tumbling over in my desperation. I'm excited to say that we will be carrying the line at the store, but more proud that my friend is about to stumble upon the joys and heartache of owning her own business. It is a lesson unlike anything I have ever known. Tres Bon(Bon)! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So it's finally here! For the past several weeks a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into planning the Junior League of Baltimore's biggest fundraiser of the year. That's kind of why I've been MIA for a bit...It's been a lesson (to say the least) to have been on a committee that's created such a big event from its inception. Tomorrow night will launch with a preview party & Classic C, Lines & I are attending then going out to dinner. I love a good girls night- stay tuned to see what treats the Cashmere Mafia discovers....Hope to see you there! Happy Weekend to my beauties! Peace. Love. Shopping! M

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair's to ya!

I love me some Jenny McCarthy. She keeps getting better with age, and is the perfect example of how one can be both funny & sexy. But I digress...on a good day this is what my hair can look like in terms of cut.
Mine is more of the Posh Spice though since I have dark brown hair, but you can see it better on Jenny. The precision cut does require more upkeep, so I'm off today for a trim. Life would be so much better if I had a personal hairstylist, since I have skin & make-up covered!

Hope my beauties are enjoying some sunshine on your face(that is wearing an SPF of 30 or higher of course!) Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clutter Crusade

So I don't know if any of you got to see yesterday's Oprah- but Peter Walsh is a genius. I have been a pack rat for most of my life. I hold on to so much stuff in fear of wanting the things after they're gone(I can say this about some of my relationships too...) His advice is simple & often poignant in a deeper underlying emotional reveal.
Part of the episode was on messy cars & girls I have to admit mine is one of them. Now it's not to the extent of what was on the show, but definitely embarrassing. If I go somewhere that offers valet, I will choose to park myself out of sheer shame! I don't know how things accumulate so fast- changes of shoes, water bottles, returns, things to donate to the Wise Penny... all topped off with a slight 'breading' effect of my Lab's white hair. So I already started today, and this weekend- there will be a major overhaul complete with car wash. I am continuing on my crusade against clutter- since when there's less of it in your home & car there will be less in clutter in your mind & heart. Happy Weekend. Peace. Love Lipgloss. M

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Blues

So the start of my 33rd year has been less than great much to my chagrin. But I always tell my girls you gotta fake it until you make it. Smile even when you're not feeling it & soon you will. I think that's why I've always loved make-up. It is truly war paint, it becomes my shield of armor.
Scientific studies show that both make-up and flowers help improve the blues, so doesn't little old moi deserve a refresher of both?!
My fashionista sugar mama, Glo, bestowed me with 3 gorgeous orchids for my birthday. Every time I look at them, I marvel at what exquisite pieces of art they are!

Now that the flowers are taken care, I'm heading to the mall to redeem my Sephora gift card-I will let you know what I discover! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lunar Cycles

I'm not going to lie to you. The past 2 weeks have been a random sandwich of events. People who have been out of my life, just started popping back in to turn my world upside down for a bit. I'm am not someone who lives according to her horoscope- There's no"I'm Madeleine, I'm a Pisces & I enjoy long walks on the beach" I find the beach a tad messy for me & I shun the sun being an esthetician. However there are times when there is no denying the lunar cycle and it's effect on the cosmos. I asked my wordly friend Cricket who informed me that Mercury was in retrograde....Who knows what the tides will bring, but it will be interesting to say the least!
Happy Weekend! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Perfect Gift

It's nearing that time again( the dreaded b-day). Whenever the holidays or my birthday are around the corner I'm always beseiged with the complaint of how difficult I am to buy for..."You have a store!" they lament. "You have more make-up than Estee Lauder herself!" they quip. Moi?! While it is known that I am addicted to all things beauty, in today's economic climate- the rush of the purchase has been replaced by guilt and my need for frugality. So just to prove my point I am picking 3 of my favorite Christmas gifts- all non-beauty(gasp!) and all under $70. So see my beauties, I am not that hard to buy for and when in doubt I think every girl appreciates Sephora! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

What girl doesn't love chocolate?! My weekly movie date, Movie Girl, got me this chocolate & wine pairing collection from Crate & Barrel for Christmas. It's a fabulous hostess gift when you know everyone else will be bringing the wine. $19.95 crateandbarrel.com

My ever elegant friend, Classy C, brought me this ingenious design for our holiday exchange. Tucked into the luxurious tassels is a sachet of delicious verbena- to die for! $35 agrariahome. com

My fabulous cousin T knew I had been coveting this set of delicate stemless hand blown champagne flutes. I drink everything from juice to water out of them- they just make things taste better! $68 napastyle.com Cheers to the Birthday Girl!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Brunchy Sunday

Happy Sunday! I am off to my favorite thing ever- brunch! One has me at the mere mention of an omelette station, but add my fabulous fashionista Glo- and I'm a happy girl! Later I will probably head to see Watchmen with Movie Girl. Perfection. Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ancient?! Keri & I were born only 2 weeks apart. I've adored her since her Felicity days.
Despite having had a turbulent past few years, at 40 Jennifer Aniston has never looked better.

Susan Sarandon proves that you can be sexy at any age (63!).

Goldie still exudes girlish youth at 64!

It's begun. The dread that always comes around right before my birthday. Movie Girl & I went to see Fired Up and yes you are correct in assuming that there will be no Oscar nod. What there was however, was several comments made about how being 30 was ancient that had me choking on my 3.5 servings of peanut m&ms's! Why do they put 3.5 servings in a bag instead of just 1? They must know that you will have no control & inhale all 3.5 servings during the movie( natch it was doubly perfect- this being a cheerleader movie and all.) However these fabulous ladies getting better with every year reassures the best is yet to come. So there!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miller Style

I have coveted these Tory Burch Miller Thongs since the night I was visiting my BFFBR. We were in the French Quarter in New Orleans and I saw a drunk girl stumbling by in them. I tried to ask her where she got them and received "Slur Slur" and I think an insult. Quite frankly I wanted to rip that shoe off & smack her with it. FYI one does not wear Torys in the French Quarter at night- the streets are lined with goo. I tried to find them online, but only a spattering of sizes remained. I felt like Cinderella's stepsister. Alas they have relaunched! They arrived today as an early birthday treat to myself! http://www.toryburch.com/

I adore them in fushia as well, but had to reign myself in and show some restraint! It's balmy and quite breezy in Baltimore today, so I'm tempted to wear them today since I could get away with it. But the winds threaten rain and I will not subject my new purchase to that! Happy Hump Day! Peace. Love Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Things Beauty

Phew! I had no idea what a can of worms I was opening up when I entered the Blogosphere! Who knew the depths of this culture- it's pretty amazing. I do confess & have before that often I am overcome with blog envy...Some of the blogs out there are true pieces of virtual artwork. Little old moi, who's rather technically challenged, will just keep puttering along.
I was honored to be asked by my fabulous friend, Kristen, to be guest beauty editor for the month of February for her blog www.all-things-lovely.blogspot.com . Kristen's blog is one of those in cyberspace that put's me in awe (I struggle with cutting & pasting) But in my defense, she is all things artistic- marketing genius,graphic artist, photographer- even does letterpress stationary...whereas my medium in terms of canvas is the face. So hop over to her site to get more words of wisdom from yours truly! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doesn't seem to be much REAL about them

Yes I have an addiction to tv & the movies(I am not ashamed to be a member of the Regal Crown Card Club.) Usually I have an aversion to reality tv- with the exception of the ever yummy The Hills & The City. However I find myself drawn to the Real Housewives shows on Bravo-they're like a train wreck. I can not look away. Now I know people who are just taking down their Christmas trees shouldn't throw stones, but these women are vicious!
Wouldn't we all like to rewind parts of our lives and see how others viewed the situation? Well these women can literally see what messes they are on national tv(um Vicki?) yet no Oprah life changing"Ahh ha" moments ever occur. They are proof that money doesn't buy class or happiness, but that it can buy a lot of make-up! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M