What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
Less shimmery than its well known sister "O", Deep Throat gives the perfect natural peach flush for summer!
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Wine & Good Friends

Getting ready to walk out the door to head to the 11th annual wine & herb fest at Boordy Vineyard! It promises live music, spring flowers, local wines & cheeses, crafts.... Add into the equation good friends = the perfect Sunday! SPF on...promise to take lots of pics!
Peace. Love. Wine! M

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink & Fluffy & Fabulous

We just got some serious summer showers here- which I love, just not when I'm driving home in them. It's like Mother Nature throws a tantrum for a bit & then all is calm- the air has an almost electrical charge and all is left clean...
My beloved peonies are not strong beauties. After the storm I knew there would be few left in tact. You can't really bring in peonies due to the ants that cover them in order to eat the sap & open the bloom (I know I'm a dork- but it's a little known fact!) But the ants were washed away so I can enjoy their fluffy fabulousness inside for a day or two. They give off the loveliest light fragrance that can't be captured in a bottle. Sigh.

On a totally separate pink & fluffy & fabulous note- If I bought this for my soon to be arriving niece(due in less than four weeks!) would she need therapy down the road? Thoughts?
Peace. Love. Fluff. M

Friday, May 29, 2009

Beauty Bonanza!

Our 'Put a Spring back in Your Step Beauty Event' was a smashing success! We had the East Coast regional reps in from Sonya Dakar Skin Fitness and Paul & Joe Beaute...our guests enjoyed an express mini facial followed by make overs while nibbling on bon-bons & toasting their pampering with bubbly. Our glammed up girls left with swag bags filled with goodies from both lines!
Part of our beauty team- Tabby and Chris, always there to help make your life more beautiful!

How do we love Leah from Paul & Joe Beaute? Let us count the ways! Her fingers are pure magic!
Nicole from Sonya Dakar gave sage advice on how to treat skin concerns with the line's potions!

Tabby & Nicole from La Papillon's Beauty Team with talented make-up artist Leah. We rarely get to see her face when she visits since she's always in such demand!

One of my favorite 'frients' T (my combo term for a client who has become a treasured friend). It's such a honor throwing these events- it's a great time to gather an amazing group of women and treat them to feeling more beautiful! We're already planning our next one!
Happy Friday! M

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Target Ploy!

So this is how Target gets you! I bet you that while training their pharmacy technicians corporate instructs each and everyone one of their trainees to say to the customer, "Staying to pick up your prescription? That will be 30 mins." Knowing full well you won't have the will power to resist retail therapy while you wait!
This is what I scored while waiting for my antibiotics(which are like horse pills they're so big!) for my ear infection. In my defense 2 of my 3 products were 1/2 off...Who knew Target had Ted Gibson haircare ? What's next- Manolos?!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's like a Brow Wax for my Yard!

Yes my beauties it's that time of year where extra grooming comes into play- summer! This past week women flocked into the spa realizing that they might be in bathing suits for Memorial Day Weekend...the girls and I were busy little bees plucking and pruning. With longer days everyone in the neighborhood is plucking and pruning, too. I decided it was time for a little sprucing up of the front yard. Above is the 'Before.'
Voila! Here's the 'After!' John Nash of Nash Masonry whipped my yard into shape in one day! There's my baby, Bailey, being a good boy & posing for me (pardon the finger-new camera!) John even planted a long coveted mini weeping cherry blossom in the right corner. As I had a glass of wine and marveled at the difference it made to my house, I couldn't help comparing it to what I do to my clients each and every day! It was like a Brow Wax for my Yard! Love it!
Peace. Love. Grooming. M

Monday, May 25, 2009

They have arrived!!!!!

OMG- I am soooo excited! We just got the prototypes in for our soy custom candles and they are to die for!! I love it when the packaging is so upscale, no gift wrap is required.( especially since I wrap like a 6 yr old!) The La Papillon scent features notes of berries, pear and grapefruit topped off with tangy rhubarb. I wanted a unisex feel for this scent and color scheme since we see such a variety of people at the spa...
For our Peace Love Lipgloss signature candle I went all out girly! This candle features neroli blossom, freesia, white lotus and finishes with clean notes of yuzu. I've been so passionate about this project and will let you know when the finished product hits the shelves.
Peace. Love. Candles! M

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Shower 3rd Trimester

So here's the final phase of the baby shower photos. My poor pink lap top is like the little engine that could trying to keep up with my A.D.D! Here are the Homes Girls in all their glory!!! My middle sister, Heidi, is on the left while guest of honor & mama to be Jenny is on the right. I'm the baby and the one responsible for that adorable pink leopard coat with ears on the hood! Come on people- is it not the cutest?! This baby will be the most stylish since she has moi for an aunt:)
That's my mom in the center popping in for a photo op. As I said it's amazing the stuff that a) you need these days for a baby b) you can find for a baby. Here's loot from Heidi that she said were her saving grace when Charlie was a baby.

I'm having flashbacks to Ralphie from A Christmas Story with this snow suit contraption from my dad. It has a bear on it and he's called "Bear" by his grand daughter.

Check out this little bathing suit! My sister and hubby live on the water and love boating. Their baby girl is going to be a water baby ( slathered of course in SPF courtesy of esthetician Auntie M!) Such a fun day - we can't wait to meet her! Next week will be pics of our Beauty Event- stay tuned! Happy Weekend! M

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Shower 2nd Trimester

Baby pink was all around in celebration for my sister's baby girl! We wrapped ribbons in her nursery colors and filled them with tight bundles of pink roses...
The candy bar was both functional and decorative...It had pink and green candies in apothecary jars, various pink cocktails including the non alcoholic pregnant-inis and was flanked on either side with the pink and green bon-bons on cake plates.

My favorite niece Charlie( I can say that since she's my only niece at the moment!) and the guest of honor. Charlie was a huge help in setting up for the shower- she's quite the little hostess.

Um can you tell which sister shuns the sun?! Too funny- I look like a vampire next to her! Jenny enjoyed herself tremendously and scored some major loot for Baby K (stay tuned for snapshots of the loot!) 5 weeks & counting!
Peace. Love . Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Shower- 1st Trimester

I know life is about the things that really matter. The big things. But I love the little things ...in this case the tiny things! Like these fabulous baby pink UGGS for my soon to be arriving niece. Aren't they divine?!? Yes it's the small things that make the difference and when we threw her shower last weekend, we knew that it would be the details that set everything apart. (Here's the 1st batch of photos with more to come!)

We saved tons of glass baby food jars and filled them with baby's breath and a single baby pink spray rose for individual place settings. Too cute.

You will hear tons of praise for the yummy creations of Kim's Confections...She whips up the most delish cupcakes for our events( think red velvet cake with real cream cheese frosting.) I sampled Kim's signature blueberry cupcake with lemon frosting at her lovely mother's day fete(her daughter is a dear friend) and squealed with delight. She created our favors in the shape of onesies(come on aren't they adorable?) with "Baby K" on them. All we know is that it's going to be a girl- they haven't picked a name or aren't telling us!

I set up a candy bar with- shock- my most obsessed about bon bons from The Decadent Debutante. I know you're sick of hearing about them girls, but I'm telling you women turn into wild beasts when consuming them...it's making me question if there's crack in the filling! All in all the shower went off without a hitch and now we're counting down the days to her debut!
2nd trimester (2nd shower phase) photos to come shortly!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Patio Envy

Pull up a chair my friends. This is where I am in my head. This month is passing in a blur. By the end of this May I will have thrown a baby shower, hosted out of town guests, had a beauty event at the spa, and given an anti-aging lecture. But there is actual silence in my house this Sunday morning. Peace. I have my cup of coffee and a stack of magazines- heaven.
I savor my Pottery Barn catalogs like men do Playboy magazine. In their pictures are tidy, clutter free sanctuaries with fluffy sofas. This issue was dedicated to outdoor spaces. I can let my mind put myself on this Chesapeake Hanging Lounger doing just that- lounging. Crisp mojito in hand drifting off in a summertime nap. Perfection.

Patio envy is in full effect when there's any type of water involved. I'm a pisces, so it makes sense that water calms me-Ocean, Bay, Pool, tub- I'll take it. I'm saving up my pennies for when I can have a summer home in St. Michaels, Md like my family used to have. Water quiets my mind and life just feels better on the Bay.

For now I'll just drool over the pages of my Pottery Barn catalog and daydream about summer breezes and ocean waves. It's not too shabby just having a nice lazy Sunday morning.
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M
All items shown available at www.potterybarn.com

Friday, May 15, 2009

Beauty, Bon-Bons & of course Beverages!

Within 24 hours my beloved bon-bons will be at the store (and on their way to my hips) for our 'Put a Spring Back into Your Step" Beauty Event. I'm running around like a mad woman getting everything into place - I'm a spaz before events as the girls at the spa can attest!
This weekend 2 of our product lines will be featured in an all out beauty bonanza...The ever talented Leah Dean from Paul & Joe Beaute will be in the house ( and staying at my house, so I am tidying frantically!) While I am a strong on the eyes/ nude glossy lip kind of make-up artist, Leah has the most natural touch that leaves clients looking ethereal. Those in the trade know that the radiant no make-up look is often the most difficult to achieve.

Our guests will also be treated to Sonya Dakar Express Fitness Facials with Nicole P. in representing the line. All in all a fabulous way to spend what looks to be a rainy weekend in Baltimore- being pampered by La Papillon's Beauty Team and leaving with goodies to boot!
When I catch my breath (& figure out how to work my new camera) you'll get an inside peek of the event & last weekend's baby shower. I promise. Happy Friday!
Peace. Love Lipgloss. M

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This my beauties is one of the loves of my life. Sad? Probably, but this Jasmine Fried Rice from Spice Market in NYC brings me joy like few things can... The past fews weeks have been a blur. Trips to NYC for business, planning my sister's baby shower(photos to come this week)....I feel like a hamster running on a wheel lately-without getting much done. I actually am looking into getting a lifecoach to help me get my act together! My next few posts will give you a glimpse into the past crazy month.
This is my partner in crime, Dawn holding my beloved Kumquat Mojito from aforesaid Spice Market. Dawn and I both own spas and met through the Junior League. She has been so fabulous to me and has been as true mentor . The fact that we crack each other up is an added bonus.

These are pics from a fashion show Dawn & I went to for the Women's Leadership Initiative in Baltimore at Center Stage. It was really fascinating seeing the fashion show- the details, accessories & eyebrows! The male models had crazy drawn on brows (seriously think Sharpie) It took all of my might not to jump up and fix them- I am the Brow Whisperer after all!

Would this dress make my hips look wide?

So stay tuned for more of our escapades and adventures as I face the world lipgloss wand in hand! Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fond Farewell

I just got back from having dinner with the Cashmere Mafia on this rainy Wednesday & I settled in to watch the final episode of Scrubs with Zach Braff. It was really bittersweet for me since I've loved the show & for the most part experienced my twenties with it. I remember first discovering it and realizing what a unique approach it had in terms of comedy.
It was the first time I felt people and their true neuroses were captured- even if exaggerated. How the majority of us truly lives inside our heads over analyzing each & every little thing.

I loved how brutally honest yet still fabulous in all its flaws marriage & parenting was portrayed.

But most of all I loved Turk & Dorian's friendship...How much they loved each other and how connected they were and how amazing unapologeticly gay they were at times. It was really refreshing to see that depth. So long Dr. Dorian- you've been a good faithful friend.
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Moi is in pink mode. With my sister's baby shower less than a week away, a color that I used to steer clear from- I'm now drawn to. Spring is in the air and new arrivals are delivered daily to the shop loaded with shimmer and shine.... The girls & I were squealing with excitement when we unwrapped the new Paul & Joe Summer Collection at the boutique. Lustre 003 (far right $20) is a sheer pop of pink that looks delicate and amazing on its own or topped over....
Paul & Joe's Limited Edition Opening Night Lipstick (the packaging is worth the price of admission alone- though the formulas are creamy and fabulous!) $20

Our bath cupcakes by Delish are a best seller- we constantly have to inform clients that they're not edible- that's how real they look. People buy them in bulk for birthday and shower favors. Their latest addition, Strawberry Daiquiri is perfection in its preppy pink & green! $7.95

These Limited Edition Metallic Mary Jane Socks are in honor of the company's 20th anniversary & are to die for! I can't give away too much that will be at the baby shower ( stay tuned for pics) but needless to say, these will be gracing the piggies of my soon to arrive niece!
All goodies shown above can be found at http://www.peacelovelipgloss.com/ So go ahead-
get your pink on! M

Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Montage

I finally got some pictures from the concert last week so I thought I'd share. So I'm not going to lie- I have been doing some serious shower karaoke to Erin McCarley's CD -Love, Save the Empty since I saw her in concert last week. Slightly melancholy, but in a hauntingly good way.
Here's infamous Movie Girl! We seriously try to go to the movies every week - we have Regal Gold Club Cards & everything(we're not ashamed!) We have so much in common-she loves Scott Speedman almost as much as I do. It's so funny how I've met people thru work that have become such a big part of my life...It makes me marvel how my life would be different if they had been put with a different esthetician. (Please refer to Sliding Doors- the movie with Gwenyth Paltrow)

Again I'd like to thank the qualified Best Buy sales associate who gave me the wrong memory card for my new camera so we had to rely on Movie Girl's i phone to capture moments in a dark club (actually not that bad.) Last shout out is to the 6'9" man seen here & in the majority of my photos- he even got a tweet out...You can see the outline of his hairdo which added another 2". Matt Nathanson actually gave a shout out to him as well-since the tall clubgoer didn't seem to know what he was doing there. Music brings us all together! Peace. Love. Music. M