What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
Less shimmery than its well known sister "O", Deep Throat gives the perfect natural peach flush for summer!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Make-Up Show

I almost blew by the Naked Cosmetics display counter because it gave off a bit of a mall kiosk vibe. Sorry if I'm a snob, but I'm allergic to all things kiosk! Alas the glimmer got the best of me & I went to investigate further. The minerals are beautiful & come in prepacked stacks. Above is the jewel toned stack I selected.

I also picked up a smokey eye stack. These are mineral products, so a little goes a long way. They are very affordable since a stack of 6 shadows will run you about $25-$30. You can get creative with the lighter shades & use them as a highlighter or mix them with a body lotion for a little summer glow. The one issue is the inexpensive packaging. No sifter = hot mess. You'll get this stuff everywhere if you're not careful!

I always tell my clients to experiment with looks right before they get in the shower, to get some practice on creating looks without any pressure for perfection. I'm no different! Though exhausted from just getting back from NYC, I was giddy like a school girl to try on all my make-up! I often look like a tranny right before I get in the shower! On the left is the aubergine shade & right is the emerald green.

Yes my darlings, it's was worth temporarily blinding my retina to show you the sparkle factor of the pigments! What I wouldn't do for my beauties! This is the emerald green up close. All in all if you're looking to expand your color wardrobe, pick up a set of these. You'll probably find them at a mall near you!
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Scientific Housewife said...

Those look really nice, I still haven't used mineral eye makeup yet, I am probably missing out!

又陽 said...

How are you~.................................................................