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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Repeat Offender

Has this ever happened to you my beauties? I needed some retail therapy- September has been one of those months were everything goes wrong. Let's face it, make-up makes everything better. And of course I'm always scouting the best new products for my favorite girleens... however, what did I notice when I got home? A) I have an addiction. B) I tend to rebuy all of the same shades! My favorite shade Jasper(c) from True Minerals drove me to pick up similar versions from Lorac(l) and Urban Decay(r).

The pattern presented itself and became painfully clear in my endless quest for the perfect smokey eye, as well. My beloved Lorac Dreamy(r) has led me to buy a loose pan from Trish McEvoy(c) & a nice gunmetal from Urban Decay(l) to round out the greys.

But no where is it more apparent, than in my never ending nude lipgloss collection. I blame Sarah Michelle Gellar for first starting my obsession with her great gloss during her Buffy the Vampire days. No, there is not much that makes this girl giddier than gloss! One day though I seriously am going to tally the amount of all the make-up I have, maybe that will be the first step in recovery. As for now, at least I can say I'm consistent!
Peace. Love. Lots of Product. M


Ryane said...

I am completely guilty of this! I buy and re-buy the same thing, again and again. But I would like to say that in my defense, I love each of these repeat defenders equally and need them all. heehee. =-)

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

One can never have enough make-up I agree! Besides if you're going to have an addicition- this is the safest to have!