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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Adventures with Chevy OnStar

For as long as I can remember I have been navigationally challenged. It started innocently enough, when presented with a fork on the beltway I would go East when it should have West. In a panic to prevent getting lost, I would completely ignore previous directions & just take the exit with the word 'Baltimore' on it. The official diagnosis was not made until one day (granted I was 16) when I went to go to a local mall & ended up in Pennsylvania. Vitamins have helped & once I'm familiar with an area there is little chance for relapse. However, now they've finally developed a cure for chronic sufferers: Onstar!

I don't need to stress any more when I'm in the midst of being lost & fumbling to type in addresses while also trying to drive & find my way! Now with the touch of one button a calm, friendly OnStar Representive will come on the line & help me find my way! Hallelujah!
Directions are then sent via satellite from OnStar to my navigation screen for a visual guide & audio cues prompt me when turns are coming up that I need to take.

Earlier in the week you saw OnStar take me to my old flame's concert. {Alright so Joey McIntyre & I never dated- I was just a teenager lying to myself!)

But on another music note, I also got a last minute invite to go see one of my favorites artists, Matt Nathanson perform in front of 20 lucky listeners. It normally would have overwhelmed me, the thought of driving to DC alone- but it was a no brainer with OnStar. Here I am happy as a clam, having arrived early without being frazzled having to find my way, with my pass!

It was such an amazing day! I arrived fluster free & early thanks to OnStar. Here I am with fabulously talented Matt Nathanson - swoon! I foresee many more adventures on the horizon thanks to OnStar. I'm curious Beauties- when was the last time you were really lost?

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

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