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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts!

So Partner in crime just welcomed a second little girl- I had little doubt as that girl is all things girly! So of course I had to have some cute things to bring to the hospital to meet her little girl, Reese! First off a flower arrangement that looked like her Maltese, Bentley! Though I'm not normally a carnation lover- I thought the basket turned out adorably & will last a long time thanks to those hardy flowers.

So Partner in Crime is obsessed with cupcakes, so I had some made with little pink bows in honor of her little one's new arrival & to give her a sugar fix. Hospital food leaves much to be desired.

To continue the cupcake theme, I also made two little onesies for Reese. They turned out fabulously & I loved the silhouette one so much, I made extras to sell at the boutique- move over Martha Stewart!

Another great idea that I would have brought if I had known about it? This clever gift our massage therapist Lindsay said she saw on Ellen- Rock A Bye Baby CD's. Lullabies based on current music. We were cracking up, there is nothing like hearing the baby version of Kayne West's Gold Digger- go take a listen! We were seriously contemplating buying some cd's to play at the spa. This is the cutest shower gift for any music lover right?! It's an especially cute little treat for Father's Day- they have Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Bob Marley & more! There are just so many adorable baby girl gifts, I had to show some restraint!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


Quinn said...

Have already ordered the Rock-a-Bye Baby CD!

valfrid said...

Nice thinking for Baby girl gifts.....

Baby Girl Gifts said...

This is a nice idea. I was thinking of what will I give my niece for her upcoming birthday. Good thing I happen to read this blog. This is a big help honestly.