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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

T.G.I.F. This week has been a bit of a blur & I'm so looking to vegging out over the weekend! Wednesday night Movie Girl & I went to see Big Head Todd, I've been obsessed with a song of theirs called Bittersweet. It was Bittersweet since the last time I tried to see them was a decade ago while I was at University of Delaware. I had bought the tickets, my boyfriend had driven up from home- a whole night had been planned...Let's just say the bouncers didn't *ahem* agree with my identification so they took it! How dare they!
Last night I went to a soiree at the amazing interior design store & home store Gore Dean. Everywhere you look they have exquisite place settings, gorgeous lighting, & fabulous pillows!
The event was featuring the amazingly talented decorator Barry Dixon & his book Barry Dixon Interiors. He is adorable plain & simple. So sweet & yes so stylish! Here I am melting as it was 95 degrees & the event was also outside under a tent, but there's Barry in a full jacket looking good enough to eat! The event was a blast, but I'm thrilled to be back inside with the AC! So what are my beauties up to this weekend? I'm going to try to sneak over to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at lunch, but otherwise am laying low. Whatever you do, don't go see Grown Ups- I want those 2 hours of my life back! Happy Friday!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


MCW said...

I love Big Head Todd too! Do you know how many nights I spent at UD?
3 of my best guy friends from high school went there and I spent many weekends at KA the house.

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

Ahhh the KA house- memories, who knows we might have met before my sweet!

Good Girls Studio said...

Why oh why did they not agree with your id ;) hehehe...hopey ou hada fab weekend!

Found you through the Rosebuds, so nice to meet you fellow bloomer ;)


伯函 said...


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a fabulous store...Loved reading your blog
I have a new giveaway on my holiday blog, A Baby Changes Everything, with more copies of IN A HEARTBEAT to give away on TUESDAY. Stop by and enter....Have a great week..

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

Good Girls- the only comment about the i.d. was that maybe I was being a bad girl!