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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm No Martha Stewart

We all have our own artistic talents- strokes of genius that are created by a scalpel, make-up brush or spatula... My friend Jennifer used to have a delish little blog called Life in the Cove. It was her blog that made me realize what an impact these cyber diaries could truly have. When she decided to retire from posting, I missed it as I would a friend. She has become a mentor to me since I've launched the PeaceLovelipGloss online store. It is with pure joy that I announce the unveiling of her new blog Prep School 101. Where I am the Make-up Maven & Brow Whisperer, she is the Domestic Goddess.
I'm not kidding when I'm telling you this is the type of creation she pulls from her oven. I know because I ate one of these. Jen puts love into the lifestyle she creates for her family. She bakes affection into every dish she whips up- you can really get a taste(pun intended) of the pleasure and joy she takes in every meal she presents to her loved ones through the posting on her blog.

I, on the other hand, am no Martha Stewart. This is what I pulled from my oven. Don't judge. Yes I forgot that in a frantic scramble to tidy my house for an unexpected guest that I used my oven for storage. I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. Since my oven is used so rarely, I didn't check it before turning it on recently. Voila- tupperware melted delight! So for culinary inspiration, check out Jen's new blog. For All Things Beauty- I'll always be here upon your return.
Peace. Love. Domesticity. M


CTB said...

This is too funny! I wish I could just whip up delicious meals and snacks with no effort!

MCW said...

It is just as impressive to forget tupperware in the oven long enough for it to melt as it is to whip up a Martha-esk meal!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. said...

What can I say? I try! I'm definitely the friend that you have to check the expiration dates when raiding her fridge!

Anonymous said...

I am so flattered - thank you for the lovely compliments on my meal preparations. I'm just happy you are my beauty guru -- my brows are in your hands!

PS: Dinner tomorrow night is going to be tasty if you feel like joining the family...plus, there's a bottle of Riesling involved!