What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Clean House

Have you seen this man?! With my New Year's resolutions to live a more organized life, I still struggle with the clutter! I must be honest in that as much as I love 'cleaning up' my clients brows- I hate cleaning! I even stopped getting my coffee at Starbucks to justify getting a housekeeper & it is has been money well spent. However the parents are coming over tomorrow evening to help out after I get a nerve block for my back and here I am scrambling(well with the back, I'm more of a 90 yr. old) to tidy up a bit...As much as I loathe it, these tools of the trade make it much easier & almost bring a "whistle while you work mentality."

The new Dirt Devil Collection is truly a work of art. Having a yellow lab (who should be bald he sheds so much) with hardwood floors is an endless struggle. This is pretty enough to leave out & cordless- perfect for quick pick ups. Dirt Devil $69.99
We have this champagne 'dust buster'/statue at the boutique right at the end of the make-up counter to quickly grab spills- people never realize it's a hand vac until we turn it on. It's got plenty of power! Dirt Devil $44.99

I have the white version at home- it serves as a night light in my living room for when I'm letting the dog out etc... It's genius that someone finally realized if a hand vac needs to be within hands reach- it should be a thing of beauty! Dirt Devil $44.99
The following are 2 honorable mentions that aren't as pretty, but just as great:
*Scotch Fur Fighter is a handle device with disposable comb like pads that brush up hair in quick easy motions!(perfect for the fab chair I blogged about that is now the cat's favorite too) $8.00
*Clorox Toilet Wand System is another brilliant device where you click on the disposable head, then pitch after use. Here's my trick ( since I hate touchy anything germy) I clean my sink first, then a quick touch-up in the shower, then from the toilet to trash- all while never getting my hands dirty! $5 off coupon now at clorox.com Happy Cleaning! Peace. Love. Tidy. M

1 comment:

Kristen Nichols said...

You should try the dyson hand vac-it's a great little thing!