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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Gifts: Giving Back

You know that on this blog I share all thing beautiful, shiny & sparkly. I'm that girl & I don't apologize for wanting to make the world a prettier place. But last night, I got some heartbreaking news. One of my best friend's brother passed away suddenly at 39. Losing anyone ever is horrible, but right around the holidays is a double bowl of suck. I'm a fixer, I always try to fix things- but I can't fix her heart right now & I feel powerless.
So today's post will be about gifts that give back- gift that will make you feel good about giving them. If you've never seen a FEED bag, you might not know about the amazing concept behind it. Founded by the truly inspiring Lauren Bush, FEED's bags directly feed third world countries in need. This collection from Clarins gives back! For around $40 (both Nordstrom & Sephora have versions) you get a make-up bag plus 3 Clarins essentials while providing 15 school lunches for a child in need. Think of how much we spend on a Starbucks cup of coffee.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on an interview with Ms. Bush & she truly is inspiring- I urge you to check out the FEED site. There are cute bags that with the purchase of one- you will be providing a child with school lunches for a YEAR. Enough said.
My cousin just had a little girl & I do believe it's never too early to shine! Tom's Shoes is such an amazing organization that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair purchased.  Toms was the originator of this concept, before big corporations joined in as a PR move. We should all have a pair of Toms!
I love the Heifer Organization & feature it every year. You can donate livestock to families in need. It's concept of teaching a man to fish versus giving him a fish is right on.  I put a fun spin on it like "you're a cool CHIC" when donating a bunch of baby chicks. If a friend of family member loves a particular farm animal or has always had allergies, you can give an animal in their honor. But you don't need to even look online for giving back, we can look in our own backyards. The Wounded Warrior Project is amazing, my sister adopted 2 families that were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy & I will be focusing on Charm City Animal Rescue in honor of losing my beloved Butterscotch this year. Lend a hand, hug someone you love today. Life is too short.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss.

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