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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Garnier Fructis Pure Volume Dry Shampoo

 Being a girl is a lot of work, so is having long hair. Where I once shampooed every day, I now stretch it to every other day out of sheer laziness & the fact that it's supposed to actually be better for your hair. The dry shampoo phenomonon makes me feel a bit like Goldilocks- most are way too powdery white versus translucent & leave my hair looking like a brown & white tabby cat.  Never the less, seeing how my favorite one by Oribe is over $30- the search continues for what I call a cheap & cheerful version! In my quest, I recently picked up Garnier's Pure Volume Dry Shampoo at the drugstore.
The spray aerosol smells like Watermelon bubble gum, not in a bad way- just fruity. The issue lies a bit with it leaving my brunette locks looking a little like those of Cruella De Ville. With dry shampoos, I tend to apply several sprays throughout my scalp to refresh it & add volume.  Though  the powder in this (& most dry shampoos) leaves my brown hair looking rather ashy. I definitely feel this product would be a no brainer for those with light colored hair. For those of us with dark hair, it's still a good value- though my search continues. What I do with the Garnier Pure Volume Dry Shampoo, is use the spray before bedtime on the nights when I'm not washing my hair & massage it into my scalp. That way, while I sleep the powder has a chance to absorb oil & not look so white against my dark hair in the morning.

Peace. Love. Lipgloss.

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Mandy Pandy said...

Batiste has a dry shampoo for brunettes. Its got colored pigment in it. Granted I have blonde hair, but I use their blonde pigmented one because even regular ones leave my hair ashy. And its $7 tops depending on where you buy. Its my go to dry shampoo.