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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Skin's Secret Weapon

I don't know if your parents are anything like mine & I don't know if there's an actual term for having this affliction.  But let's just say that they are chronic email forwarders.  Is it wrong to want to list your Mom as a spammer?!? I get so many emails from them it's slightly ridiculous. However I skimmed over one article the other day they sent & found it quite fascinating.  I would say of the clients I treat that easily 85% of them have dehydrated facial skin.  Hydration & moisturization are often confusing terms to my clients.  In simple terms I explain hydration= water & moisture=oils.  Not all moisturizers have oils, but I say this in order to separate the two. The fact is that every skin type needs water- whether you are the Saharas of dry or the oiliest of acne sufferers.   Water brings everything into balance- it's especially important if you're using aggressive AHAs or retinols. I always say you wouldn't fertilize a plant that hadn't been watered in a week would you?  It would irritate & burn it. I use Skin Ceutical's Hydrating B5 Gel like it's going out of business to help hydrate, it's like a drink of water for my skin.  But in terms of whole body health, listen to these facts:
*37% of Americans mistake thirst for hunger due to a weak thirst mechanism
*Even Mild dehydration will slow down metabolism (that must be it!)
*Lack of water is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue
*Research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water can ease back & joint pain in up to 80% of sufferers!
*One glass of water can resolve late night hunger pains in 100% of dieters in a University Of Washington Study
*Just a 2% drop in body water can cause mental fogginess
*Drinking just 5 glasses of water a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79% & bladder cancer by 50%

So it looks like it's not milk, but water that does a body good. Drink up Beauties!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M

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MCW said...

I just took a few sips of water! It is all I drink!