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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clear + Brilliant Laser

The morning after. No- nothing sordid Beauties, this is what my skin looked like the morning after having the Clear + Brilliant Laser performed on my skin.  After having an evening of what equated to hot flashes on my face immediately following the laser, I woke up with practically no redness or swelling on my face. I was surprised since my skin is rather sensitive. I had a tiny bit of redness on my upper cheekbone, but Dr. Sherber had made several passes on that area to address stubborn clusters of hyperpigmentation there. The only indicator that I had had a laser treatment was that my skin felt like fine grit sandpaper. Not visible to the eye, but somewhat odd feeling to the touch.  My make-up still applied normally, though my skin continued to feel a bit like a basketball for close to a week.  I've been a good girl & laid off strong AHA's products (torture for moi!) the entire time! People have commented on my skin looking luminous, but I'm excited to see what new skin is revealed after the sand paper feeling goes away & after I can start exfoliating again!

I'm so excited for my next treatment & the fact that tomorrow launches our Clear + Brilliant 30 day Challenge at La Papillon!  I love having the privilege & opportunity to help change people's skin.  I love having clients refer to themselves as "Afters" because they've seen such a difference since 'before' they came to the spa.  If you're in the Baltimore area, we'd love for you to experience this cutting edge treatment & are proud that we're one of the very few places you can find this low downtime/high tech treatment!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss.

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