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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Easy Holiday Hair How To

My areas of expertise lie in make-up & skincare, in fact I often say I'm hair challenged! However I do have a signature look & I'm always doing demos on clients. It's super easy- yes even I can do it! It's romantic & perfect for the holiday season- so of course I'm going to share it with my Beauties!
This easy updo works best with shoulder length hair or longer. Grab a stretchy headband- we carry Medusa's Heirlooms at the spa & that is what's shown in this tutorial. Start by placing the headband Olivia Newton John a la Let's Get Physical Music Video style across your forehead.
Back starting view.
Start at one end, by taking small sections & simply tucking it into the band of the headband.
Repeat with additional sections, to follow & cover up the previous section. It doesn't have to be perfect- that's the beauty of it- just keep tucking!
The updo will take shape before your eyes, with very little actual effort- that's the best part.
This style works with all hair types. I love it on hair with slight wave & highlights- it really brings the dimension of the color out.
You can leave the back section perfectly plain or can add easy embellishments! I tucked a feather in for one look.
For another look, I stuck a flower pin in her hair - the sky's the limit creatively speaking! I was even thinking a small, tasteful ornament could be gorgeous & unexpected for the holidays. To finish, just move the headband in the front to where you want it. For a Nicole Richie vibe, leave it as is. For a Grecian goddess vibe, pull it up like a traditional headband(refer to yesterday's post to see Brianne wearing it that way.) Whichever way you wear it, I promise you- you'll get tons of compliments. Now go forth & be pretty!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M