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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zoom Teeth Whitening

I guess people are trying to tell you you have a problem when two of the La Papillon Beauty Team come in one morning saying they saw a segment on the Today Show coining the term 'Bleacharexic.' So I like white teeth. So my teeth are never white enough- is it a bad thing to want pretty pearly whites? In my defense, it's not like I 'whiten' every day. In fact, I hadn't for a while. So when I saw a groupon on Zoom teeth whitening, well I jumped on it!

The Zoom whitening machine.
Here I am being prepped, wearing my awesome orange protection goggles. It's kind of hard to see, but the technician (who was super sweet) had pretty much taken the SPF 30 lipgloss & smeared it all over the lower portion of my face. Well it felt like all over my face & my neurotic esthetician self kept thinking,"That is so going to break me out."

Here I am starting to feel like Hannable Lechter with my mouth propped open. They do this for even distribution of the light.
Since it's a UV light that activates the gel, another precaution to protect the gums is taken by the technician painting a setting product that hardens over my gums. Sexy, I know- this is why I took my face out of these pictures, so no one could blackmail me at a later date!
Side shot taken by yours truly- the technician found me quite entertaining.
Speaking of entertaining, they had a tv mounted on the ceiling- so I was able to watch the Ellen show! The entire process ranges from an hour to an hour & fifteen minutes.
I have to say I was somewhat nervous about tooth sensitivity {especially since seeing an episode of Party Down- hysterical series BTW} & having had some brides say they experienced 24 hours of discomfort. But I was good to go. My bottom teeth were a little bit sensitive- totally bearable though! I didn't see a drastic amount of whitening, but the girls said I didn't need in the first place... I say one's teeth can never be too white!

Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


jack said...

Teeth Whitener are necessary for refreshment and beautiful smile.

Dave Velasco said...

I hope most people don't end up whitening their teeth through this. The only possible and cheap way is to brush your teeth daily and when after eating bulks of food (if you do) so that your teeth always maintain a clean hygiene.

Florida Cosmetology CE

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

Dave I just offer a behind the scenes peek of what I try. People can make up their own minds!

best tooth brush review said...

Thanks for providing such useful information. I really appreciate your professional approach.

Bettye Primm said...

For your reassurance, it is not a sin to want pearly white teeth. ;] And teeth whitening shouldn’t be done daily. It might cause the enamel to become too thin and weak. The dentist will tell you when, maybe weeks or months after. The thing you should do every day is floss. ;]