What's In My Beauty Bag

What's In My Beauty Bag
Less shimmery than its well known sister "O", Deep Throat gives the perfect natural peach flush for summer!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweat Proof Summer Make-Up

What made the cut for my news segment on sweat proof summer make-up? I have such oily skin, finding products that really have staying power is actually a year long struggle for me. Any one of these items is a great choice if you know you'll be outside for several hours, but you still want to look polished. What to start with? I tend to cut down on the amount of products I use if I know I'll be out in the heat, since I don't want them sliding down my face! This great multi purpose product from Paul & Joe Beaute hydrates, primes the skin to hold onto your make-up and has an SPF 30+.
Mineral Make-up is a smart summer choice since it's a powder foundation & it helps cut down on shine. I love that it also offers a physical sunblock- so you can dust it over your eyes (an often neglected area for SPF), the tops of your ears, as well as into the hairline & onto your part. This is great for outdoor athletes- if you've ever burned the part in your hair(like moi), you'll never do it again! I love Being True Mineral Make-up since it's infused with Idebenone, the antioxidant with the highest proven EPA factor.
I tend not to be a fan of most of long wearing lip products since they tend to feel 'grainy' on my lips after a while. I know stains can be an intimidating product, but there are tons of new user friendly versions out in the market. The trick with stain is that you have to work quickly. My pick? The Balm's Stainiac is gel like in texture since it's more forgiving to work with, yet still has serious staying power on lips & cheeks. I use this on brides all the time, and it leaves a beautiful flush on the cheeks & the just eaten cherry popsicle hue on the lips. Stains tend to be vibrant, so you can tone them down with a nude gloss if you prefer.

Any time I'm teaching a make-up lesson, I send the client home with a fine angled liner brush. Just wetting the brush with water can turn any eyeshadow you have into a eyeliner. I honestly think once you get the hang of it, that it's easier to line with a brush then a eye pencil(& it tugs less on that delicate skin.) A sealer liquid, like this one from Make-Up For Ever, turns any shadow or cake liner into a waterproof version - love it! Make-Up For Ever also gets an honorable mention for their new Aqua Creams, a cream pigment that comes in over 15 shades for eyes( lips & cheeks too) that when applied just won't budge!

Tired of looking look a football player when it comes to mascara? Lash tinting (& brow tinting) at the spa is incredibly popular during the summer. If you're going on vacation and will be getting in & out of the pool a lot, this might be perfect for you. A vegetable dye safe for the eyes is applied to the lashes for about 10 minutes & voila deep black lashes are revealed. It's painless (even relaxing!) and is perfect for those with fair hair.

Lastly, blotting papers are a must have in my purse at all times. Sweating is inevitable during the summer, since it's our body's natural cooling mechanism. Instead of caking on more powders throughout the day & clogging my pores, I just blot my t zone. So there you have it my beauties, these are my picks for staying gorgeous in the sweltering heat. What are your favorite long wearing products?
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

FYI there's 30% off all purchases at www.thebalm.com with coupon code "luckybreaks8" Shop away!

Scientific Housewife said...

Great suggestions! It's always hard to battle Florida heat and humidity with makeup. Your blotting papers have helped though :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful info! I can't go anywhere without my blotting papers in the summer.


Bumble Bre said...

Using an angled brush to apply eyeliner is so much easier than pencil. And I get to putt all those cheapo eyeshadows I've accumulated to good use by making them into fun eyeliners! LOVE the Staniac too, I may have to try that! Thanks!

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

I agree wholeheartedly Bumble Bree about angled liner brushes! I heart them so! I'm never without my blotting papers too Betsy!