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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Make-up

Last night I finally got to delve into the fantastical world of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (3D no less). It was truly a feast for the eyes. And the make-up, oh the make-up!!!

Johnny Depp's the Mad Hatter was definitely over the top, but his character's make-up had a little bit of a 'put together by a committee' feel. It was almost a bit much (which I know is Tim Burton's style), but it lacked a cohesive feel.

I love me some Anne Hathoway. She's smart & talented. Her White Queen was fluffy & frilly & fabulous. The interesting decision was the make-up artist using bold brows & vibrant lips. My interpretation would have been softer- have everything glisten & glimmer & reflect the goodness of the character. The Brow Whisperer in me also wanted to fix her right brow in the movie(I'm telling you it's not just my job- it's my obsession!)

What was perfection? Helena Bonham Carter's Queen of Hearts. It was amazing to see the transformation. Her brows were covered with spirit gum & redrawn higher. Her hairline was brought up as well. What they were able to create visually with her character was a true testament to the talent of make-up artistry. Though the actual story was a little bland, I still feel it is definitely worth seeing in 3D just for the special effects- if that's your cup of tea!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


Anonymous said...

Love the makeup! I haven't seen it, but I'm dying to! Do you think they avoided shimmery makeup in the movie to keep it all feeling matte and drab? Or would the shimmer make it more difficult with all the computer generation?

Anonymous said...

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Peace.Love.Lipgloss. said...

The majority of the lead characters didn't have that much computer editing actually- they kept Alice rather plain with dewy skin though. So I don't know why they didn't have shimmer-it just depends on the director's vision!

Kristin said...

I find what makeup artists are able to achieve endlessly fascinating!