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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

TopShop Cosmetics

While I was in Chicago this past weekend, I wanted to explore TopShop- for cosmetics, of course! I have to say the packaging of the line, for what it was pricepoint wise- felt a little juvenile to me. Never the less- because I'm such a giver & I want to report back to you guys, I scooped up some lip products to add to my ever expanding nude glossy lip wardrobe.
TopShop Lip Liner in Ceramic (top), TopShop LipStick in Enamored (middle), TopShop Glaze in Dash (bottom.) I could only find the price for the Lip Stick $15 online, as I couldn't find my receipt- hey it was St. Patty's weekend! I think my total for all 3 products was at least $38. I also wonder if the Kardashians are annoyed with that name of the Glaze, but I digress...
While I must say nothing in particular stood out to me in terms of fabulousness formula wise- the color combination I put together is pretty stellar- so I must give myself props! The standout product of the trio is the chubby lip pencil they call LipStick. It's is a nude shade that feels nice and has a concealer like effect in taking some of the color out of the lip to build the nude, but doesn't completely wash you out in that I look like a corpse kind of way. The gloss adds a opaque, creamy shine that pulls everything together quite nicely. The combination looked beautiful on my friend who has light hair & blue eyes- so I think it can be a winning look on anyone with medium to fair skin.

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Thank you Sweets!

Makeup Majesty said...

your lips look great! I love the Top Shop packaging =)