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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard Boredorm

So what does a girl do during a blizzard? With over 22 inches of snow trapping me inside, I had visions of cleaning out both of my closets & wrapping all of my Christmas presents. Did I do that?

Nope. What did I do? I made a batch of my favorite soup- Illinois Prairie Corn Chowder.

I painted my nails OPI's Smitten with Mittens, a Santa inspired ruby red slippers color.

I made a batch of mini poppy seed bundt cakes for gifts....started panicking that if I gave myself salmonella poisoning due to eating half of afore mentioned cake batter that no one would be able to get thru the snow to take me to the hospital... figured a glass of wine would help kill possible salmonella bacteria. After deciding I was safe, licked the bowl with remaining batter.

Played with a wild shadow palette from Coastal Scents & tried a different color on each eye....

Showered & got in a new clean pair of pj's! Whewww- a day in the life! What did you guys do?
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


Scientific Housewife said...

It all sounds great! I love that color red and the eyeshadow palette looks awesome!

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

It was great being able to do a lot of nothing & have no guilt about it since I couldn't go anywhere!

Jules said...

That sounds a lot like my weekend, but you actually got some baking done. I didn't do that until last night and it wasn't even for Christmas. I made a soda coke and it is tasty!

I love that polish color and the eyeshadow palette looks great. Your bundt cake look really good too and I'm glad you didn't get salmonella ;)

peace.love.applesauce said...

My nails are painted that exact same color right now. :)

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

Is a soda cake used with diet or regular soda? Just a can? I've tried the pumpkin can added to chocolate cake & it was yummy!

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

Peace.Love.Applesauce- you & I seem to have similar taste:)

MCW said...

Love that nail color!

I drank and ate all weekend...I guess it is easier to get around in NYC when taxi's turn snow into mush very quickly!

BroncoMom said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day. Don't you just love those kinda days.....

Jules said...

Yes! Soda cake is just the mix + a can of diet soda and then you just bake as normal. It is so moist and yummy. I've done the following combinations: Strawberry Cake + Sprite Zero and Devil's Food + Diet Dr. Pepper. So good. I've never tried the pumpkin trick, but I've heard that it's delicious!

Ashley said...

I have never heard of soda cake before but it sounds really good.

That nail color is amazing.

Ashley- Wonderful In Progress

I'm Kelly Gould said...

Those lashes are crazy!!! And the baking you did was delish!!