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What's In My Beauty Bag
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Finds Friday

It's a good thing I love you girls- it helps me cope...For when I find myself in situations like this.
(L) Charlotte Russe Sunglasses $6.50 (R) Michael Kors Sunglasses $235

I treated myself to these Michael Kors Sunglasses last year. I loved their unusual chain link design. I have been a huge fan of them, with the exception that occasionally you can find clumps of my hair in that cute little gold circle detail. Note to self, next time I buy sunglasses- I will try them on with my hair down. Do men designers not think of things like hair & how we want to keep it? At least on our head? But I digress. Surfing the internet, I stumbled upon these copies, that save for a smidge of a cheesy design on one of the links, are identical! So again while I rock myself back & forth trying to console myself, I take comfort that at least my beauties will be saving some money! Happy Easter!
Peace. Love. Lipgloss. M


Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, they are almost identical! Great find!

MCW said...

Just noticed your current candle obsession...those volcano candles are my absolute favorite!!! They smell like summer!

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

MCW you have such great taste! I love them so much that I brought them in the boutique- you can also pick them up at our online store!

Peace.Love. Lipgloss. said...

I know they really are the exact same frame, as for lenses...who knows?

Kristin said...

Wow, it's crazy how alike they look!

rinniez said...

great find...
but dont you hate it when you spend up big on a product and then find a cheaper alternative like the next day!!!
dropping by from the lady bloggers tea party :)

Anonymous said...

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